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We're proponents of good communication, and know that this can make or break a project, production – or a relationship. We’re always learning from experience, and this website is host to ours, sharing and exposing the good, the bad, the ugly. As media changes, so should the flow of information; we're a forum for the truth that no one tells you – critiques, (a few rants) and general thoughts on visual media, event production, the entertainment industry and more. You can also find tips and tutorials, how we work with certain media and design programs, along with shared design work, articles and videos.

Launched in 2015 by award-winning writer, artist, filmmaker and web designer Geena Matuson, Meeting In The Media was initially an outlet for sharing her experience with 'industry professionals.' Her passion for organization and design propelled the site to become more than a simple blog, and is now host to a wider range of media subjects with a growing audience.

Did you have difficulty finding us? If so, contact us with thoughts on how you think we can improve. We're about open communications and learning from experience; we're always learning and trying to improve, too!