RAW Presents Geena Matuson

When I decided to join an art showcase with RAW Artists last spring, they sent out a public announcement about the upcoming Boston ‘REVOLUTION’ show, an event in which I was a featured filmmaker. And, for the eighth time, my name was misspelled – as ‘Genna.’ To make up for it, the show’s producer sent this email solely about me and my film work:

I’ve been called ‘Greena’ many times by substitute teachers, which I always found funny – but when you’re an artist in a show and you’ve not only written your name on their website, but have emailed, called and spoken in person to the producer about your name being repeatedly misspelled, only to see it as ‘Genna’ yet again (on a publicity announcement, no less) – it’s really fucking frustrating. And, you know, it’s a bad oversight.

Always proofread.

While RAW had many downsides and wasted much time and energy throughout the process, I met a few new artists when walking around prior to the show.

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