Promoting Artists

Promoting Artists

I’ve recently realized there are so many organizations and companies that are setup to promote artists, musicians, writers, and more. In fact, I think there are so many because people just dive into these ‘companies’ without pre-planning and thinking about the work that should go into such an endeavor.

For instance, I recently found a non-profit organization that ‘develops activities that will assist artists and writers with understanding business essentials.’ No website – just a Facebook page. Not a bad place to start your organization, sure – but there’s barely any information on the organization's Facebook page, its sole online marketing tool.

My first thought was – if this organization can’t properly market themselves to promote this business, how the hell do they develop activities to teach “business essentials” to others?


Additionally, when you make a Facebook page and post loads of photos and information on the timeline, that’s the first thing people see. People will spend 1-3 minutes looking through the timeline posts for information and, if they can’t find information, they will leave the page.

There were a bunch of photos on this organization’s page, but no information was added to the individual photo captions. I would see a series of photos of different artists, but no links to the artists’ website, work – not even the names of the artists were listed.

I messaged the page thinking, hey – some people don’t know the difference between an individual photo caption versus a blanket ‘status update’ with multiple photos attached. If you upload multiple photos at the same time, the 'caption' you write will not be a caption on each, individual photo, and those captions will be blank.

Hey there! I know you guys have a lot of photos from events – but it might help your mission to connect artists if you added the names of the people in the photos, along with links to their work, so others can connect with them!

I look through the photos and I don’t know who I’m looking at, as there are no captions!

Just a thought!
– Geena

But, rather than receive a response such as ‘Oh my goodness, you’re right; that is the point of our mission,’ I received this:

Hi Geena, Thank You. We don’t have the staff at this point to do this work for the artists. However, If you would like to know about the artists you can review the posts. I post each an every artists bio and pictures before the event.

Isn’t the purpose of your organization, which only exists on this Facebook page, to promote and connect artists, and organize events for artists so they can engage, learn and branch out?

And, as noted above, no one is going to try and sift through mounds of photos, and status updates, to find the one, singular post you managed to make with the name of a single artist.

So I wrote back:

Oh, I guess I figured, since your organization was created for the artists, doing this sort of thing would be implied.

Rather than respond to this statement, the creator sent me a ‘friend request’ on Facebook, ignored my comment, and wrote:

Are you looking to contact an artist? I can give their info.

So I'm thinking to myself, ‘how would I know what artist I’m looking to contact when I don’t even know their names?’

If you’re going to take the time to create something like this – a business, no less – spend the time before the launch to make sure everything is in order, and that your business model can’t be so easily punctured – (a.k.a. make sure you don’t suck).

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