That Super Bowl Goat Ad

This video is an ad for Sprint that played at this year's Super Bowl - and it features a screaming "goat." This ad is aimed at the demographic that not only has the large purchasing power without thought of financial repercussions, but also spends a large amount of internet time watching YouTube videos - perhaps those that contain 'cute animals' and comedic accidents.


The big spenders are 'Millennials' or Generation Y, those either born between 1982-1993, or those born 1981-1997, according to competing business magazines. In other words, people who are roughly around 18-34 years of age. This age group is quickly outnumbering the population of other generations, thereby making their quantity the source of their larger output.

If you then take a look at YouTube's largest demographic, people ages 18-24, it's pretty easy to figure out the commercial's target audience.

What do you like - or dislike - about this ad?

Also, this humorous interview ‘That Screaming Goat In Sprint’s Super Bowl Ad? It’s Actually A Sheep‘ from covers the fact that this ‘goat’ is actually a sheep.