TickleJuice Music

I’ve recently created the website, social media sites and branding for the high-energy jazz band TickleJuice @ www.ticklejuicemusic.com! TickleJuice is a Boston-based band led by James Merenda; each of the members come from amazing musical backgrounds and, together, they perform amazing music!

I thought the colors were great for the band's music - a not-quite beige is a color carried throughout the site, as it's easy on the eyes and works well with the band's content. I accented this with a light purple and a bright turquoise to show the band's bright, energetic flair!

You can also see screenshots of the new website below, or visit their site directly @ www.ticklejuicemusic.com.

I also created the band’s new Tumblr blog, Twitter, YouTube channel, Google+ profile, and revamped their Facebook fan page, and SoundCloud site. I hear an Instagram account may be in the future!

I created the overall image to use for an identifiable, streamlined look across all of the band’s social media sites – ‘branding’ at its finest!

You can also find TickleJuice on Last.fm – if you're listening to their album ‘Roots To The Stars‘ using the Last.fm scrobbler, it’ll appear on the band’s Last.fm page!

TickleJuice performs all around Massachusetts, and travels, too! They will soon be adding events to their website ‘shows’ page, so you can find a show near you.

www.MeetingInTheMedia.com via www.geenamatuson.com/blog