Being Hueman

If you’re one of the lucky few following ‘Meeting In The Meeting’ since its creation just last month, you’ll notice that the look and layout of the site has changed!

Though we loved the site’s initial WordPress theme, ‘Hemingway Rewritten’ created by Anders Norén at, a good amount of our content consists of lengthy text posts – and the theme didn’t allow for a ‘read more’ display option.

Note: ‘Hemingway Rewritten’ is readily available for WordPress.COM users – you can email Anders and he will happily, and most kindly, send you ‘Hemingway Rewritten’ for WordPress.ORG sites. Currently, the simpler ‘Hemingway’ theme for is available on Anders’ site.

Over the last month, we’d searched here and there – and then came across ‘Hueman,’ created by Alexander Agnarson of AlxMedia. This new look is perfect for Meeting In The Media right now – set up like a news and magazine site, the theme displays thumbnails and a blurb of collapsed posts. There’s even two sidebars: on the left you’ll find a ‘clock’ symbol, under which the top 5 most recent posts are displayed, and then there’s a ‘star’ symbol, signifying the most popular posts. Then, in the right column, you can ‘discover’ randomized posts, along with a tag cloud, displaying the categories I use for these posts. I was also able to add thumbnail preview images to collapsed posts, so you have a nice display image to draw your attention.

We also realized that both of these theme designers are Swedish! Does this mean something? Maybe we like Swedish design…

We also added Disqus comment boxes at the bottom of posts, so you're now able to comment on posts by signing into your pre-existing Disqus account, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account! This should make it easier for people to access the comment box area, and leave their thoughts. That being said – feel free to share your thoughts, now!