Solo Pine Cares

Solo Pine Cares

Because what better way to say a company cares about its customers than to just say it?

After a month of searching for a new WordPress theme to accommodate the new direction of Meeting In The Media, we landed on the theme ‘Rosemary‘ from Solo Pine. The theme itself is simple to use, but looks sophisticated, complete with a layered look and an image slider at the top of the home page, along with an optional grid or ‘masonry’ layout. Plus, the Pinterest or ‘Instagram Footer’ is a great bonus.

If you’re going to invest in something, you should know what you’re going to get!

Prior to purchasing this $38 theme, we investigated Solo Pine to make sure they were A-O-K. We were pleasantly impressed – not only does Solo Pine offer (6) themes, all centered around plants such as ‘Willow’ and ‘Cassia,’ but they also offer great customer support. We read through the comments area on the Rosemary theme purchase page, and knew this was the theme – and the designer – for us!

We installed the theme without a problem, and everything was very easy to figure out. You won’t have to go into the php files unless you’re really picky about certain features.

After adding a new logo and tweaking the theme over the course of a week, we came across a few problems. And, knowing that Solo Pine is incredibly responsive, we opened a support ticket.

When we made any changes to the theme’s code, whether CSS or PHP file – half the time the updates would be available immediately and, other times, it would take 10-20 minutes for a code change to take effect. This created an issue when trying to fix any code; with lagging updates we had no idea what codes were and weren't working.

We were also having a problem with the new Pinterest browser button plugin, which allows a hovering pin-it button to appear over any online images. This is a plugin for your internet browser directly from Pinterest’s website, separate from WordPress and Solo Pine.

And, in any web-based support ticket, it’s always smart to include your O.S., screen size, and internet browser type and version. This way, there’s one less back-and-forth exchange in which the customer service rep has to ask you for this information. We noted that we tested this problem on both a Mac and PC, with Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chrome, with computers displaying 16:9, a 21″ iMac, and a 13″ laptop, as well.

Solo Pine customer service responded with a complete answer – and a solution – overnight!

In fact, they responded with two messages; they went back to our site in order to further investigate the problem we'd described. Truly, these are people who take the time, and care about the customer.

It turns out the ‘lagging’ issue was created because we have the WordPress ‘SuperCacher‘ installed and didn’t realize it! This plugin helps to store your site in a cache so it loads faster, but that also means your new changes aren’t instantaneous.

We tweaked the contact form again, this time clearing the cache between each attempt – and it worked!

Thank you Solo Pine!

Rosemary, A WordPress Theme By Solo Pine

Rosemary, A WordPress Theme By Solo Pine

Behance: Yellow Ball

Behance: Yellow Ball