Rosemary, A WordPress Theme By Solo Pine

Rosemary, A WordPress Theme By Solo Pine

When you create a website, make sure your presentation properly accommodates the information you’re sharing.

Last month, Meeting In The Media underwent a WordPress ‘theme change,’ from theme ‘Hemingway Rewritten‘ by Anders Noren, to theme ‘Hueman‘ by Alex Agnarson. Though Hueman was an upgrade from the first theme in the sense that the new layout accommodated our changing content, an ‘upgrade’ doesn’t mean it’s the best. When we began, we believed the website was going to feature text articles, with just a few images here and there – but we’re delving deeper into graphic design, which, of course, relies on images.

While Hueman presented the images better than the first layout, it wasn’t the best for our changing needs. Because the images are a large part of what we’re doing, we want to make sure this content is highlighted.


After a month of searching, we came across a theme by Solo Pine called ‘Rosemary,’ found on both the Solo Pine website and for purchase through, part of Envato.

Rosemary is a light & bright blog theme, tailored to showcase your content in an effortlessly timeless style. Boasting popular features such as a full-width Instagram footer area, a show-stopping featured area slider, and an abundance of post & layout options, Rosemary’s clean, contemporary design is guaranteed to wow and inspire!

Solo Pine

What we love about Rosemary is its clean look – simplicity and organization.

The layout features one sidebar, a grid (or ‘masonry’) display of post excerpts on the front page, and the ability to customize the look – and all of the page layout features are customizable. The image slideshow featuring the latest posts is a huge bonus, and we love the included Facebook timeline feed widget, which can sit in the sidebar. (Plus, that ‘Instagram footer’ full of images from our feed gives the theme a little something extra.)

After installing the theme, we changed things around to make it feel more like us through colors, a logo and banners. While the footer area offers an Instagram widget, and the theme’s code even describes this area as the ‘Instagram Footer,’ you can add any widget into this area you so desire. 

  1. We downloaded and activated the plugin ‘Alpine Photo Tile for Pinterest‘ created by The Alpine Press.

  2. We clicked ‘Customize’ on our WordPress dashboard.

  3. From there, we clicked ‘widgets’ and then ‘Instagram Footer.’

  4. We removed the Instagram widget that sat in the footer area, and replaced it with our Alpine Photo widget from the list of active plugins – and it’s done!

Another great feature is the static navigation bar.

When you scroll down the page, the navigation bar appears to scroll with you, because it remains static attached to the top of your browser. This is a great feature for any blog to utilize, as it allows people to search and navigate to other areas of your site without the need to scroll to the top in order to access the navigation bar again. Because this theme doesn’t have a ‘back to top’ button, this static navigation bar is all the more helpful.

Not only is the navigation bar static when viewing the website on your desktop, but it also remains static when viewing the website on a mobile device. Just make sure the JetPack ‘Mobile Theme’ option is deactivated in order to view the website properly on a mobile device.

It’s easy to make changes to this theme through CSS coding, without the need to fiddle with the php files.

However, no matter what changes you make – clear your WordPress cache. We noticed that when we made any changes to the theme’s code, sometimes the updates would be available immediately and, other times, it would take 10-20 minutes for a code change to take effect. It turns out that we have the WordPress ‘SuperCacher‘ installed and didn’t realize it! This plugin helps to store your site in a cache so it loads faster, but this also means any new changes aren’t instantaneous.

Solo Pine helped us to figure this out when we opened a support ticket with them online. Their customer support is incredibly responsive – and helpful. Just check out the comments section on their theme for proof!

Check out these screenshots of 'Rosemary' on Meeting In The Media's site:

Over the last week, we’ve created over 70 new post topic ideas, which will help us to understand the direction in which we’re ultimately headed. So, if we come across a different theme that better suits our planned content, we may just install that other theme. Rosemary is a fantastic theme with great support and options, but it’s ultimately about what look and format best suits the content!

Disable Hovering ‘Pin It’ Buttons In All Browsers

Disable Hovering ‘Pin It’ Buttons In All Browsers

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Solo Pine Cares