View All Your Fonts At Once!

How would you like to preview all of your fonts at the same time?

Graphic designers, bloggers – anyone interested in typography – probably has hundreds of different fonts installed on their computer. It’s great to have so many options, but seeing these options is usually an issue. Using a drop down menu to preview different fonts one-by-one doesn’t usually cut it.


Thanks to a pin from Christine of Where The Smiles Have Been, we learned about, a website that can show you a live preview of your entire personal font library, using any chosen text as an example!

Simply head over to, and you'll see a bar at the top of the page with a little text area labeled ‘wordmark.’ Simply highlight ‘wordmark,’ erase it, and enter your own word or phrase for viewing. Then click 'load fonts.'

Next, click ‘load fonts’ – you’ll now be previewing your entire, personal font library straight from your computer, using your chosen text as an example!

You can also choose to view your fonts as white-on-black by clicking the ‘negative’ button beside the text box in the top bar.

In fact, you could even take screenshots of your favorite font previews, and crop around your favorite preview images to use them on your next logo, banner, and more! Using is not only a time saver, but it can really be a life-saver, allowing you to pick the perfect font for your next project, rather than accidentally settling for second best.