Weis-Buy Farms Inc.

I’ve recently created a brand new, modern website for Weis-Buy Farms Inc. @ www.weisbuy.com! Weis-Buy Farms, Inc. is an international, full service produce organization, forming the link between the grower, shipper, and buyer.

As you can see from the above 'design elements' palette I created, the colors I focused on were red, yellow and green - not just traffic signal colors, but the colors of fresh produce!

You can also see screenshots of the new website below, or visit their site directly @ http://weisbuy.com.

I even recreated every blog post from the previous site, and formatted them to the new layout! It was a lot of work, but totally worth it, right? I also copy-edited the content, which was reorganized and placed in new areas on the site that were not part of the previous.

The photographs used throughout the site were taken by Michael Shapiro, which I then formatted for the site. Photography is a new addition to Weis-Buy’s online presence, altogether, so we really wanted to make it pop!

www.MeetingInTheMedia.com via www.geenamatuson.com/blog