Choosing a Squarespace Template?

Choosing a Squarespace Template?


You've decided to make a Squarespace website, right? And when you go to sign-up, the first thing you have to do is choose a template!

Squarespace offers over 20, highly customizable templates. A team of Squarespace developers tests and updates these templates so you won't see incompatibility between the template and your website.

Don't worry about making 'the right choice' right off the bat! You can change your template design multiple times once you've created your website, and you can also take a look at how users customized each template to suit their design needs.

For example, check out a selection of customized websites created by people and businesses using the 'Marquee' template.

Once you've chosen a template, click the 'start with this design' button.

But how do you know which template is right for you?

Though you can take a look at example sites, it's hard to determine what special features each blog can offer, and the extent of its customizability. For instance, some sites allow for a sidebar on a blog page, and others don't. Some templates allow for things as simple as gray line dividers, like those we use on our Squarespace site (we use the 'Om' template) - while some, such as Montauk, do not.

We found some great, user-created comparison charts for you to take a look at, comparing features across all 20+ Squarespace templates! Yes, they are charts - but the key is to compare one feature at a time.

German-based Squarespace designer Sssupers created this great, in-depth (and visually-pleasing!) chart for your viewing pleasure:

Check out these template comparison charts from Squarespace users. Some more simple than others, which may be easier for new users.

But how do you know what features you'll need?

Squarespace has taken that into consideration, and has organized its templates into categories that they think would best accommodate each type of site. These are suggestions, of course, and you can easily use a website categorized as 'musician' for a 'portfolio' site, and so on. For instance, we used the 'Om' template which is listed under 'business,' but we've styled it more like a personal site.

You can choose from business templates, portfolio, personal, store, music, restaurant, and wedding! - because making 'we're getting married!' website is a thing now.

Squarespace also created an article about choosing the right template, and it can help you consider key aspects of your site before starting out. For instance, if the shop is the main focus, you should use a template where the eCommerce store is the highlighted, most customizable feature. And yes - every template supports an eCommece store, so you'll have to compare templates!

For Meeting In The Media, we wanted a sidebar on the blog. Some templates allow for a blog sidebar, and some don't. However, you can always create your own mock 'sidebar' by simply creating two, vertical columns on a regular page - make one column more narrow than the other - and there's your sidebar! You can add content to both columns, making one match the sidebar in your blog to maintain continuity. We created a fake sidebar on our 'grid view' page to match our blog sidebar by using this very simple method.

Learn more about our new Squarespace look and additional changes you can make so your site is totally unique, no 'web developer' access required!

Our New Squarespace Look!

Our New Squarespace Look!

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