Our New Branding

Our New Branding


If you're reading this now, then you're looking at the new Meeting In The Media website hosted on Squarespace.com! We decided to make the switch from a WordPress.org site to Squarespace.com, as the themes and templates offered by WordPress and third-party designers just weren't giving us what we were looking for.

Squarespace offers just over 20 templates - but they are so user friendly that you can easily make your site look unique - and just the way you had pictured it!

We're using the 'Om' template, and have extensively customized it using Custom CSS and Header/Footer script code injections - no Squarespace 'developer access' required!

We used code and customized the following content to fit our needs:

  • Blog sidebar with a background color that differentiates it from blog content

  • Matching mock sidebar on 'grid view' page

  • Some tables will a gray background to highlight it and separate it from other content

  • Author names on posts and summary blocks lead to custom author pages

  • Comment box fonts and colors; can only change with custom CSS

  • Created an archive using summary blocks and tags

We also changed our branding and the design elements!

We wanted a style that connected all of our pages and content, as opposed to our previous branding with the photograph of a lake's reflection. We went with more graphic elements, and are focusing largely on the use of Webdings and Wingdings symbols to keep it simple. We found a great chart from Speaking PowerPoint that displays every symbol between Webdings and Wingdings 1-3.

As our site also focuses on design, a cohesive style helps to exemplify what we're sharing! This minimalist design also allows us to promote content over images, keeping the site organized and content-focused. We're able to stay organized with these font symbols, all of our options in one place.

Find some of our favorite new blog poster designs in the grid below! You can also check out our 'grid view' page for an overview of all posts from 2015, displaying these great new posters we've created.

These new designs are also better for social sharing! As vertical rectangles, they remain on the page longer when you scroll vertically; as you scroll, you bypass horizontal images much sooner than you do a vertical one. Therefore, they're more likely to catch someone's eye. We've also placed the important information - titles - at the center of the image.

This way, if the image is cropped horizontally when shared on some social sites, the center area will remain in tact, displaying our post titles. These posters also give people a great way to share articles, on social media and pinterest, too!

Our old site centered graphics around a lake reflection photograph:

Our new graphics are centered around design as opposed to photographic art, and we hope that our new branding becomes more recognizable over time!

We even changed up the graphics for our social media sites!

Whenever we logged into our old WordPress website, we were a little down. Because the site didn't look and function the way we envisioned it, it was hard to get excited to create new content for the site. You know how that is, right? But now on our new, beautiful Squarespace site, we're excited to continue creating and bringing new ideas to you :)

WordPress.org vs. Squarespace.com

WordPress.org vs. Squarespace.com

Behance: Pastel Eyes

Behance: Pastel Eyes