Death To The Stock Photo

Death To The Stock Photo


If you're looking for free, modern stock images delivered right into your inbox, check out Death To The Stock Photo! Click the link, enter your email and sign-up for monthly photos. There's also a premium plan if you want some exclusive photos, too. Your money funds photographers to create more great stock images for the world.

Art Studio Series, Death To The Stock Photo

Check out Wired Magazine's 2013 article about Death To Stock, and read more about Allison, one of its creators, on Our City Lights!

Death To The Stock Photo is a service created and maintained by Allison Lehman and David Sherry from Columbus in Ohio, US. Both are self taught photographers, and started out by shooting photos for brands in exchange for free products.

You cannot download anything on their website. All you can do is sign up for their newsletter. This newsletter is sent out once a month and contains a download link to an ZIP archive. This archive contains a thematically focused bunch of photos. Usually the archive weighs in at around 100 mb.

...the archive is always limited to a certain topic. One month you could be equipped with a whole lot of wedding photos, another car pictures or mountain landscapes might be flooding your inbox. All the pictures are highly professional. There is no doubt about that.

All the photos can be used freely – not only in commercial projects, also in social media, mockups, wherever you want to use it. Allison and David keep all the rights, though. Their photos are not public domain. Make sure to read their 3-page End User License.


Like a Movie, Death To The Stock Photo

But they aren't public domain...

Last June, Death To The Stock Photo wrote to a public domain website and explained that their images are not public domain. Read the article here, and see the explanation below; as David explains, they have their own license agreement outside of the public domain:

We don’t follow the public domain license:

But instead have our own license that we use that we’ve worked closely with lawyers on to create. (From which this type of distribution is not legal):

Band Series, Death To The Stock Photo

You can read more about how Death To The Stock Photo works in a marketing capacity, too, with its email-first plan at Vero.

Work On The Weekend, Death To The Stock Photo

Download the August, 2015 photo pack 'Work On The Weekend' by saving this zip file to your device!

Clementine Daily, Death To The Stock Photo

You can also download the 'Clementine Daily' photo pack file, and a bonus 'Like A Movie' pack, too!

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