Our New Squarespace Look!

If you're reading this now, then you're looking at the new Meeting In The Media website hosted on Squarespace.com! We decided to make the switch from a WordPress.org site to Squarespace.com, as the themes and templates offered by WordPress and third-party designers just weren't giving us what we were looking for. Check out our design elements palette, below!


Squarespace offers just over 20 templates - but they are so user friendly that you can easily make your site look unique - and just the way you had pictured it!

We're using the 'Om' template, and have extensively customized it using Custom CSS and Header/Footer script code injections - no Squarespace 'developer access' required!

Not only did we move the site and its content from WordPress to Squarespace, but we also completely re-branded the thing - as you can see! Look at what else we did with branding :)