Forget Tumblr - Try Behance

There are many art-themed Tumblr blogs out there - but there are also a lot of tweens, posting screenshots of the news with strange commentary, memes, bad porn, and it can get in the way of what you're looking for - art. Over the years, I've abandoned my own Tumblr and am slowly removing content, finding new portfolio sites for my work. Okay, so you don't have to abandon Tumblr altogether, but you should also check out Behance.

If you're looking for an endless stream of art in a user-friendly, grid-view style, check out, an Adobe-run (yes, the creators of Flash) site for artists and designers. You can find free fonts, furniture design, website themes and graphics, and other work that others have created and are sharing with the world. Take a look and discover new inspiration to inform your own work, too!

We simply typed the word 'summer' into the search box - and here are some of the results that appeared on the continuous-scroll results page:

If you already own a registered Adobe product, you're already halfway towards making a Behance account! You can sign into Behance using your Adobe ID - the same login information you used when registering your Adobe products. Now, your user information and registered products will be listed under the same account, for easy organization.

Meeting In The Media also has a running Behance series, featuring our favorite Behance work from various website searches throughout the month!